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Airsoft cheater or bad shooting?

Airsoft cheater or bad shooting?

right we have guys coming up through the field I think they’re going to come through this uh this road so be patient but they’re coming up here but we’re going to ambush them I have one guy across via the road there other than that she’s me and him and then there’s one other guy which is back behind our farm I don’t know if they’re come I saw them coming through the field so I don’t know if they’re coming through this road or if they’re going to go towards the chow hall that way and there’s another road that way so we won’t shoot animal s they come to us just try to steal our ammo cans and gas cans what our guy okay yeah they’re coming through here be quiet pet did I seriously not get any of you Wow all right I’m done I am done that is ridiculous so we’re like six of them up there on the road and I just unloaded and none of them called it they all just hit the deck and then I’ll and then shot me I’m done I’m taking a break this is ridiculous douche bags we’ve got to get a rep out here something that’s [ __ ] maybe I did get some of them some of them have red rags but I was like did I get in any of you and they said no and I should have gotten at least three


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