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Airsoft assassin loadout, how to make

Airsoft assassin loadout, how to make

hi my name is Shahana rockford a few people that watch my youtube channel like I posted a video six months ago called airsoft assassin loadout and over the time after I shared it with Google Plus I have gotten over a few hundred views which I’m actually impressed by I think you guys saw the support I’m watching my videos I really appreciate it and so on my airsoft assassin love that video there was a few comments the people of down below and one of them was saying this airsoft uh this airsoft loadout is amazing I would I want to look just like II you’re an inspiration to what I want to wear on the airsoft field and I was like the best comment I’ve gotten so far on YouTube and so if he ever comes decides to come back to my YouTube channel I’m going to be showing him how it would address on the same loadout if you guys don’t know what the airsoft assassin although it is please pause this video and watch the video on my channel that I posted six months back is that thought I’m gonna be showing you guys how to make so let’s get started okay I keep everything in my duffle bag okay because I have a lot of gear so the first thing you’re gonna need a beanie something see how big this beanie is like it covers hold on it needs to cover used to cover like everything it needs to have this much coverage because when you’re when you have on your facial gear the beanie will keep you from getting shot in the forehead leaving welts on your forehead which I try to avoid because it looks ridiculous makes you look like you broke out and so the other thing is only pull it out this is a pro combat Under Armour shirt yeah this is that’s not under armor it’s it’s a it’s made by Mike so this is Pro combat by Naik and get one of these because it’s very breathable and it keeps you from overheating I mean cuz if you’re gonna play this during a day game you’re gonna burn up so you need something that that can breathe yes that’s the other thing okay so another thing too is that I have leg rigs I have dropped like rigs so you’re gonna need something to hold them up get yourself a nice black leather belt and here’s the other thing to get yourself arm sleeves it’ll keep the sweat off your arms this will collect all the sweat for you you need to these arm sleeves are like they’re like nine bucks on Amazon like that me two of them now I don’t know if you have a target near you but this is what I did I got my camouflage pants I got my camouflage pants from Target I got like 15 bucks easy money and so here’s the other thing – you’re gonna need a mesh mask it doesn’t really matter what you mesh mask you pick but I recommend you get the one with the ear covers I have another one just like it and here’s some yeah so here’s this mesh mask and here’s this one this one covers your ears I recommend that you use this one because it keeps the mask from falling down your face the ears keep it up you know you can get that you can get the mask like 12 bucks on eBay calm and here’s another thing – this is an exactly airsoft gear this is more for martial art purposes but I use it for airsoft anyway these are for armed guards they go on your arm that’s what they’re meant for they go on these you strap them onto your arm I got these for like 10 bucks let’s see here okay now here’s one of the main pieces that he use this is a cod ghost mask and it looks really good when you’re wearing a hood over it I got this like eight bucks on Amazon you know let’s see what else we got here oh here we go this is a drop leg braid this one goes on your uh this goes on your right leg so you strap it through the leather belt and yeah and you clip it around your leg here and yeah this is this is what the like um this is a drop leg load out and these are these couple model colleges that you see actually bought with it yeah actually these come separate you have to actually buy these pouches are like what ten bucks apiece and the legate’s the lot drop leg rig itself is fifteen bucks okay so the other part is we got here easy easy huh come on okay elbow pads these are like eight bucks I bought these with I was on Eva calm I bought elbow and knee pads and so these all come included with the elbow and knee pads they’re like what did another ten bucks so that’s exactly what I’m looking and I bought these of Amazon to their ex their ex hatch kneepads these things never slip down my legs these things stay put and they only slip by like five percent these are like twenty two bucks on amazon.

com and uh like also the ammunition I bring to the field I’m bringing echo when babies love the lane twelve bucks twelve bucks a bag and assuming else we got here okay now this is also not an airsoft item but I use the fair soft in anyway these are for armed guards they go they go on your they go on your shin right here that’s really belong you slip those on to get in a lot of you I just get I like having the compression on my bottom of the legs a helps me run faster I don’t know why but it just happens that way okay so here’s the other thing too um this is a drop leg holster for my kids you have attacked for no not tech 45 1911 high kappa yes this is about 25 bucks upon a missile and the gun that came with it that I bought this is yeah the maggot bought was like 25 bucks until items on as well this gun I bought on Amazon as well as the kjw 1911 hi-capa this good this also was um this was $129 and like I’m on steals I got for like 120 but the shipping just evens it out anyway okay okay okay there’s okay these are gloves look closely Adam leaves are the gloves that you want to get because they there unless it depends these gloves are really tight they give you a really tight grip on your gun from when I use them and these are like yeah these are half finger gloves you can look these up in your just look at having your gloves on amazon.

com and you’ll find them these are like six bucks easy money and um for facial protection I carry Lancer tactical goggles this is what they look like and these ones are actually much better than the ones I had before this one’s actually tend to work really well for fogging up and let’s see what else in here depending on how cold it is out on the airsoft field right go sometimes I use this for protection and warmth this is a next leave it goes right now it goes right at wraps around your neck here it wraps around your neck and it just keeps you warm and keeps you for getting shot with all those welts all over you yeah I know I have a lot of protective gear I let’s just face it I’m a pussy I I’m terrible at design my leg oh man I just don’t like getting like I don’t want to feel want to get shot that’s just I just preferred like to avoid that and just for an accessory uh I have dog tags that say as on the Fallen like I am just a badass name that I have notice what else we got here and there’s another set of gloves that I sometimes use these are Terminator half in your gloves because the originally called terminators because they have the cybernetic look on them yeah so these are the Terminator gloves that I use okay and here’s the other thing too if you got a Macy’s near you depending on the seasons you want to get yourself a black hoodie because I have an all-black loadout and the brand that it is is called American Rag American ragged by Macy’s you can find them somewhere in the men’s I don’t know I don’t know exactly where I got mine off the internet but I know there it makes you somewhere so yeah that’s so weird what are we gonna make get the chance to buy that it’s like like 15 bucks easy now the main piece the main piece of my loadout is my this rig on this huge rig is called well it was called them the DEFCON modular pouch system you can get this for 45 bucks on evite calm now in the front here oh let me hold it up for you so I got all these are Mali pouches that you’re looking at this is a flashlight Mali policies you’re just single male couches and holy crap there’s a lot of gear on here so forgive me if I’m being a little slow oh my god there’s gonna be a part two to this video too so I’m just letting you know that right now I’m just showing you all the gear I use and the second parts condition I’m gonna show you like where everything goes okay now see these these are my knee pads that came with my mouse live with my elbow pads and I wrap these around the straps of my shoulder because I use these as shoulder pads now not because there’s why I changed them to shoulder pads is because when they’re on my knees they slip down they’re just completely useless now the other thing people tend to call me ninja because I’m a black hooded figure with the sword on my back this is a real sword this is an 18-inch claudius machete and this black ribbon around it is just for design and makes it look anime fantasy style whatever you want to call it and I have any extracted to the back of my essential of my best here we’re using shoelaces and at the bottom the waist the waist strap actually laces through the bottom of the sheet here which holds it in place yeah so yeah the sword itself is $35 a thing when I bought on Amazon and the best is 45 and all the my pouches that came with it were they were about another into the 40 or 50 bucks and also like you always got to take co2 with you this is Crossman co2 15 pack again I’m at Walmart that’s a Walmart Supercenter and this was like oh I I don’t know I think this is 15 bucks as well thank yous that’s about it sounds about right a dollar for every co2 cartridge yeah so that is all my gear pretty much and the last thing that I have on here is my kwa SR 10 and this right here is the TAC flashlight I laced it through the rail system here down to my four grip and it’s pressure plated so it’s pressure plate activated works really well and here’s another thing to look closely at this laser sight here this is a Armed Forces laser module like Armed Forces laser module do not buy this this is like the worst laser sighting ever guys it’s not that bright and it can easily break while you’re tuning it see how the cap came off light if you look closely like it’s been beaten up trying to get what I easily beat beat I easily I easily ruined it trying to tune it to like you know get my laser a line from my bb’s it just didn’t work out that well yeah so you don’t really need this laser sight just be careful of that it let the pressure switch broke first and then the laser adjusters broke second it was pretty was the worst 25 bucks I ever spent on the laser sight so this is a kid anyway it’s our 10 and that’s all the gear that I ain’t pretty much to take with me to the airsoft field almost every Friday and Saturday so this is the end of part 1 I will see you in the second part and this one I’m going to be showing you what I look like with all of it on so see ya let’s do the night see you in part 2 hi this is a Shahana raw again and this is part 2 of the airsoft assassin loadout and how to make it so there was a few things in the first video that I forgot to I neglected to mention about the gear bring to the field so only gets those items down so first off these these are Anti Fog glass-like airsoft glasses I got from Amazon for like 80 bucks there’s supposed to be anti fogging but they’re fogging up right now so they’re not exactly effective that’s why when you go on the airsoft field in your glass to start fogging up use this it’s called revision anti fog cloths I had a buddy of mine who was in the Navy over at airsoft Drina he recommended these to me because if you apply them once and they last like all night like you’re like no fog will attached you have to really rub the cloth into the glasses to make it work and when you’re done you have to make sure you put it back in this little ziplock bag as tight as you can because you don’t want the cloth to dry out because when you take it out of the out of the packet it’s gonna be damp and you want to keep it that way because that’s the material it keeps the glasses from fogging up and the other thing is is that I don’t wear combat boots when I’m going to the airsoft arena because they slowed me down and they’re not good enough like for mobility this is what I use I use my cares I use neck here these are dark gray I couldn’t find black at them at the time so this is what I use because combat boots are vert slow me down in Nike Air so help me run faster because if I’m supposed to have an assassin look I need to be swift on my feet nestling put my shoe back on yeah and also the strap for my xkw ASR 10 that is also 15 bucks as well it just wraps around just wraps around my you know just wraps around my gun really hold on second I got a free clean off my glasses again they’re fogging up and also there’s I’m indoors and there’s no fan up there so I’m burning up right now like cuz this is what I have currently meant to be played at nighttime when it’s colder so right now my glasses are fogging up and I’m I’m burning up so I’m trying to be a quick as possible okay okay so one of the things you see or the shotgun shells I didn’t buy these I went to oh it’s a little I went to a lake and found these because they’re current currently cuz it turns out the lake is actually hunting grounds people use shotguns all the time I pretty much reuse are you recycle the shells and made them and made it for decoration I only have like 14 of them on here and this pouch right here it’s a condor hello and none on a condor it’s a moly pouch and I bought this on Amazon for like 14 bucks same with these right here the flush of a flashlight pouch right here that’s like eight bucks these two right here like 10 bucks each yeah and this is what this is my two bayonets they come in there went to tactical bayonets they’re made of rubber they Bend really easily I use them for zombie games cuz I run around with two knives trying to stab people while people are shooting at me it’s very fun to do yeah and so like everything that I told I show you in the first video is currently on me and let me show you this these were my knee pads now they’re my shoulder pads if you look closely what I did was that this strap loops around this one so hold this one up in place and this one just goes wraps around your arm so this one attaches to your shoulder strap and it’s been attaches to your arm and they work really good because they actually do look like oh they look like little back shoulder pads for sure no and okay right here you can see my you can see my drop leg holster of my pistol yeah that’s a slight arm no doubt and this is eventually going to be my grenade pouch I’m gonna put your name patches here so I can toss thunder beasts yeah that’s the other thing I’m working on and right here is my X X ax kneepads my shin pads my sneakers now let’s see what else oh yeah so under here is the combat pro night shirt you see the night symbol right there and this is the American right black hoodie I got you could get him at macy’s any time depending on the season but right now it’s a summer time so you probably only get the sleeveless version at the winter time you can get the ones with sleeves and yeah that’s pretty much all there is to my airsoft assassin loadout um yeah it was pretty sweet I showed you in the other video like sometimes I use these the only reason why I would use masks and goggles the reason why I use masks and goggles was if I I was burning up because this hood doesn’t have good your mouth is like this thing muffles your mouth and it’s hard for you to breathe so whenever I’m just moving slowly on the field I use this whenever I’m trying to move faster I put on the mesh mask so it’s easier to breathe through but most the time I just wear this because um I move slow slowly sneak into the enemy side of the airsoft field and pretty much take out multiple kills at one time so yeah let me so let me show you the final touch that I was in the video so you you put on the glasses boom the glasses right hold on so then okay so pull the air back get your hood adjusted I just that hood and then you put the hood over make sure it doesn’t go over too hard there you go just let me get you a full of yield like I did six months ago like I’ll show you what I had in there so let me get my gun too and I can get my gun see there you go is my little gun and someone said in the comments that I need a lighter gun for your soft assassin let out right now that’s actually true I really do I got two I get a smaller gun I’m probably gonna stick with the strictly pistols for Microsoft assassin whatever right now I only have one side or I’m a Mac a turbo ASR 10 so in the meantime I’ll be I’ll work on that just let me get you a full of you what it looks like the sword I’m actually gonna add another sword see how that’s the word is on this side right here I’m gonna put another one on this side so I can just go they can do something like that you know just some killer bull moves pretty awesome okay I’ll let me see if clear deal ah it’s good to breathe again usually I do that outside and colder weather and it makes me able to breathe better but right now I have no fan in the room so I’m cooking up right now I don’t know if you can tell it I’m sweaty right now but probably I’d take a shower after this Jesus I’m sweating up a storm this is all black blood out and I heat up pretty quick this is why I played what airsoft in the winter it’s an outdoor field that’s that’s why and if I played in my 50 degree weather it’s the greatest feeling ever because it’s like all that movement of you running around on the field creates friction and body heat and it keeps you warm through the one through the winter time and it feels good yeah so that’s the part two of my ears off the assassin loadout and hopefully in a little bit a little bit more time I can make another blow it out I’m actually planning to make a sniper bullet I’m going I actually I balled a sniper I’m after right now it’s an ASG sniper rifle I’m gonna give it I’m gonna buy a scope for it and give it a little bike hard and put all that stuff on I’m gonna get myself a ghillie suit and I’ll shoot what are their custom load up then I’ll make cuz I actually have notes somewhere in my room somewhere of all these different loadout ideas I have and hopefully over time I’ll be able to share them with you and show you what else they’re kind of creative oh that’s I can make so you guys can follow my footsteps and write have read the same law that I’m wearing yeah so if you guys liked what I showed you don’t forget to like favorite subscribe and all that I could really use the help and I’m building my youtube channel and so in the meantime stay awesome this is Johanna Iran I’ll see you in the next video you


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