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Airsoft | Ares Amoeba Pro M4 KM10 | Review on Battlefield

Airsoft | Ares Amoeba Pro M4 KM10 | Review on Battlefield

Hello and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today I will talk you about a replica that was lent to me by the store Airsoft-Entrepôt. And this is the Amoeba Pro… “Hey ! You lend me your replica ? ” Not even in dreams ! ” Oh ! ” So i restart.

Hello everyone and welcome to this presentation video… “Hey ! You lend me your replica ? ” Mhh … It is possible if… “Uh … I left something on the fire !” Eh ! Come back ! So ! To my great regret, I do not run fast enough.

Instead that, I’ll talk about this M4 Amoeba Pro which is the high-end version of at Ares. And here we have a two-tone model : black / FDE. We start with the APT stock, a new model from Ares. Here we have a two-tone handle, pretty nice.

A fastener QD strap, with a triangular shape. The fire selector, very easy to operate and perhaps even a little too much. It is not ambidextrous. A short tail trigger. Bolt Catch, usable for the Hop-Up setup.

Note that there is no marking on the body. The KeyMod handguard from “Octarms”, 10 inch aluminum CNC. So a pretty cool accessory. This is the first time I use the KeyMod system. And on the top, we keep a long Picatinny rail, the only one of the replica.

The metal Flash Hider. Flip Sights. Front and Rear. Note that those Sights are plastic. I fold them. On the other side, not much to say. The stock. That, which is useless in this case. Then the Hop-Up which is behind the fake bolt carrier, which remains blocked by pulling the cocking lever.

Finally Normally, this remains blocked. I have not pulled … or too much. Ah ! So there you see the Hop-Up setup ring. Now i close it. A serial number, certainly unique. And finally, this great handguard, in FDE color.

Now we will see how to use the battery, which is in the stock tube. Pull gently this piece and remove the stock. The battery is already inserted. It is a LIPO from Kypom, a 1500 mAh. Anyway, I will insert the link in the description of the video.

It is very simple to use and the location is perfect for this type of battery. I puts the stock in the same way, by pulling this piece. Finish ! As always, I check… … and it works. I would end by saying that the replica is supplied with a Hi-Cap mag of 300 bbs, which I left in the “neutral zone”.

Now we will see the optic i will use. Here, an Eotech 512, I’ll maybe put it after … … Or I’ll put it now and I’ll take the opportunity to talk about the mags provided by the Airsoft-Entrepôt shop.

I have a box of 10 M16 Mid-cap mags. And I also have a short charger, always from Ares. So I will insert in the same way, direct links to the Airsoft-Entrepôt shop. I have ended up to screwing the Eotech.

.. The replica is ready. I have only to pick up a magazine and to pass Chrony. So ! What saying about this replica after a full day of use ? Already, in the opinion of all who have took the replica, it is light, very light even.

It is 2.5 kg, whereas for example, a SOCOM EBBR Marui is a replica that weights 3 kilos. Like all Amoeba, thanks to the integrated MOSFET, this replica has a very good reactivity. It is true that it is a bit confusing at first this short trigger, but we made it very quickly.

Moreover, on this subject, I am astonished at the sight of the technical level of Ares and their Amoeba as well as accessories that you can buy, like the box to set the modes “Semi, Safe, Full Auto and Burst “, well I am surprised to not have here a replica with a shooting stop system at the end of the mag.

It’s a thing a little damage, from my point of view. This is not a fault in itself, but it is useless to shoot with an empty mag. This is a replica which has a velocity of about 300-310 fps. This is quite correct.

The fact is that on the airsoft field that day, there were large premises, so I found that 300 FPS, on some battlefield, it’s a little low. Regarding the 300 FPS, thanks to the quick spring change, you have the means to win a few FPS by changing the spring, for forest field or land like this, with large premises.

In terms of things to fix or change, I think we should do something at the fire selector. I found myself several times after a run with the fire selector that was either between two positions, either he returned to Safe or Full Auto mode.

It moves too easily. This should not be difficult to change but from my point of view, it is one thing to do. In the end, this Ares Amoeba Pro is a good replica. What I like, mostly, it is the playable side “out of the box”.

You buy the replica, you can without having to make any changes, use it on a field. In terms of things to see, the fire selector problem and, depending on where you might play, a velocity problem. It lacks perhaps 15-20 FPS to be usable in all situations.


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