All right, we’re staging. We’re all geared up. We’re gonna Chrono, and then we’re gonna do our debriefing so Jen I mp7 mp7 master race Okay, Chris kind of so today’s operation I’m gonna be running my kwa MP7 got the [psyche] mark with the laser sight on it I HAVE AN ASIAN PENIS SO YEA MY MOM DOEST LOVE ME SO YEA Yeah, [goggle].

We’re run. I will sit on this Let’s do it There are 300 points you see the stairwell here the stairwell on the other side also You’ll see under the front wheel well there is a ladder. Okay all are usable your challenge is hostage rescue situation Terrace from the new Wahhabi Jihad have attacked a royal Thai airlines boeing 747 and forced it to land they have made demands including the release of several captured and [WJ] leaders in order your Team will assault the aircraft neutralize all hostile forces and rescuing civilians You’ll be provided with two ladders for your assault Protecting civilians lives is your top priority You must identify and eliminate any threats with explosives before they can detonate Okay, so matt and leah your front your your thing is to hold your basically holding and just gun fighting through that So miguel you’re going to take this far [lane] Yeah, you’re going to take far lane left side Lauren You’re gonna take right side, okay? So again you guys are moving you guys are moving up together [a] breast the whole time all right? I’m gonna say Delta go go go okay.

Okay. That’s your hero, [Delta] [B] [latter] [team] [rocket]. Yeah Thank you. Thank you FOR giving mr top SO YEAH about to eat ass really excited SO YEA Got you got Still good I’ll have a shot anymore Okay slow slow down slow down slow down Jet waiting on your mark You got my life.

Yeah Standby for flash on my mark [self] in position ready to breach mein unicorn on your ready three two one flash flash flash hey, [baby], tamed a man holding on door Or to your left your left. [oh], [no], wait till you go? you’ve got a better better Angle I Okay, same thing same thing All right be pushing oh oh Got another room Matt, what’s your situation look claire? All right keep pushing? We’ve got another set lea hold that Angle Delta go go go oh D Can you clear that? [Burnett] what hey stay where you are? Man, it’s clear [run] cabins quick come this way clear these spaces Hey Wait ah fuck Burnett.

You just shot D Alright Burnett walk toward my voice slowly Just a bit very slowly stairway at the very top okay? Burnett Okay, look Tango down top of the stairs Let’s meet us me ask me three people posture stand by stand by You’ve got that guy down on this [derrick] one guy.

There’s I [think] there’s more up there though, [okay] hang on We’re going to flash and then ryan you go first whatever way. She doesn’t login. You’ll have to learn Go on the sick. He holding key holding keep holding ah nah freeze you Wanna Burnett yes, Burnett and Leah head to head down to the front stairwell that’s our exfil [cleans] out Journey toughest toughest person yeah, she’s dead Roll over let me see your hands He’s clear, okay, all right up.

All right. [I] got point stay with him You guys right once we have four. We can we breach great. Let’s all. Go nose. Just go nose We are coming down the stairs right now [Deltas] reap reaching [let’s] lay this way this way this way this way Let’s go.

This is our only hostage. That’s the only one x.v. L x.v. L x.v Are there any other passenger with [doings]? Just okay? Let’s go let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s Go exhale last name [playing] back the plane this way this way Yeah, we’re done.

All right guys good job Gonna get photo. Hey [rearm] [refit] So matt and I unfortunately got out pretty early but um hey first in Usually first ago yeah, but we complex the mission that one hostage [his] family can come to our funeral we were the [redshirts].

Yeah [endeavour] we stole we accomplished the mission. No it has [apart] our bodies our bodies are the sacrifice Yeah, sometimes you got a sack make a sacrifice [is] [it] This kids like yes Yes, red with the enemy no matter how many cats a break there without frank Yellow black Red Blue blue yellow, so there’s six wires yep, is there a red.

Yes There’s a red and it’s in the third position from the [top] you need to cut the fourth wire it’s blue That’s yeah, cut it snip it


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