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2014 Airsoft loadout Acu and Tan

2014 Airsoft loadout Acu and Tan

hey guys this is Delta Division airsoft here I I’ve got another load out for you guys I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a video I’ve just been busy with school and kind of lazy when it comes to downloading them but we had to alright we switched camos because me and my buddy and our team joined another team we got there’s it’s a bigger squad there’s about 22 of us in total so this is our loadout now we had to go from woodland camo to ACU and the rolls for the team you can either have a CU and black or ACU and tan I mean my friend work on ACU and tan so right here what we got is our 2014 loadout I’m gonna go ahead to tell keep it basic here we got just a black beanie I’ve got a or I just ordered a fast helmet and tan and some new tan ESS goggles these are black ones with a cover on their here I’ve got an iron face mask it’s the same one I also ordered one and tan I love these things since I’m only 17 I can’t well I’m not supposed to just wear goggles which I do a lot anyway but I do wear this sometimes and I just ordered one and tan here I’ve got a tan and OD green shemagh I use it to wrap around my neck and I put it underneath my plate carrier like this triangular part to kind of keep the play carrier from rubbing my chest so much so here I’ve got a ACU camos this is a standard issue ACU combat shirt it’s what you get right out of basic I know I don’t have where this is a right sided flag but I know the stars are supposed to be facing forward they’re not like that I just ordered a tan version this is a OD green one for my hands I run mechanics wear gloves since it’s colder out I bought the therm are insulated version really kicked butt gloves I’ve got the other version the impact mechanics close down here on my hip I just ordered a drop leg tan holster but for now I’ve got my black just cheap holster that I got on here I tooked onto my right side belt over here I carry four mags on my hip I could have them up on my plate carry but I prefer to have them a little lower and then up here on my ribcage here are my ACU pants standard-issue as well again I don’t care for ACU my brother’s our Marines I love MARPAT I think a siege doesn’t blend in with anything down here on my feet I have Marine Corps standard-issue combat boots these are the pant cuffs what you do is you roll up your bottom of your pants two or three times depending on how long the pants are on you you put these around your leg and then you wrap this underneath and then they just sit on your boot they don’t actually go inside your boot or anything so I can’t that’s one of my pet peeves is when I see people or kids tuck in their boots it just looks tacky hmm these are on a dollar I like a surplus store or something going up the mags I use I use twelve of them sometimes not all of them here I’ve got a Magpul Emacs these are amazing 75 around I have five but right now I only have four of them with me is these Magpul 350 round mags these are just amazing they are high caps which I don’t really care for but I like to have them for the really long games going down I’ll check out my guns here I have a jg shotgun repping the Apple sign all right thing I’ve done – it’s just nice it took off the orange tip on building a suppressor for mock suppressor it’s one I have on my real – 20 gauge and 12 gauge I’ve kind of gotten into that stuff now here’s my new baby that I use and this is my ex er it’s newer it’s echo one here I’ve got is really wrong long rail systems it’s got 14-inch rail systems I’ve got two six inch or maybe seven inch rail covers just normal brother gave them to me right out boot camp got a flash suppressor I don’t know what brand and I’ve got a stubby group that came with it I’ve just got a cheap red dot on there I’m switching to a EOTech five five – I’m getting a PEC 15 and a light for this thing and then on at a three-time magnifier hybrid sight and then here I’ve got the same H&K co2 pistol I just ordered three mags for it so that’ll be nice it’s not blowback unfortunately but it’s still nice then over here here’s my plate carrier itself it’s a Magpul Cermak ball condor mo PC I just ordered a j pc for my new loadout it was gonna be a surprise but I’m gonna be making a Parrish repair rescue pull it out here I’ve got a triple informatic pouch I tucked the flaps into the inside of it I cut the the Bungie retention around it I felt like the mags were taking too long to shove in there if I didn’t now it’s all faster up here I’ve got a carabiner with some electrical tape always good to have this on the field and sure you hear that a lot over here I’ve got a tactical knife about that field it’s nice to have for those close it was a phony gotten one kill with it but it’s just kind of fun used some time here I’ve got sling moving up through my shoulder guards I’ve got nothing on the back ordered a map pack for it the double ones here for the shotgun I’ve got two extra reloading shells I don’t use the shotgun a whole lot so I only have a few of these left and I’ve lost a few then over here I’ve got two speed loaders but I’m gonna be replacing this with my mags that come in for my pistol and I’ve got another triple ins pistol mag pouch I might be putting on my side I had pistol round clips too I enjoy using a pistol it’s fun and since we’re outdoors and there’s a bunch of buildings it’s nice for those close quarters I don’t like shooting someone up close and personal with my ex er and well that’s my loadout rate comment and subscribe


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