– Start! Hey everyone, you’re on RedArmyAirsoft. With you is Evgenevich. In comments to the previous video you asked for the defense gameplay, the hostage scenario. Here you go. But before the actual video I’d like to talk about our plans and voting.

If you want to just watch the game, you can fast forward. In the previous video I asked how we should continue: make assault gameplays from the Delta field, or start making videos from big events, that we attended in simmer.

In the comments opinions devided relatively evenly. I started thinking, how to start combining all this. And then, suddenly, a third option turned up. Literally a few days ago, It was confurmed, that: at one of our favorite fields in the Urals, which you’re seeing at the moment, “Escape from Tarkov” event will take place on 30th of September.

Apart from an interesting setting the game will feature envelope tasks only. So, every group will have a particular task that it has to carry out. And, since we play actively, there’s a huge possibility that we’ll get in the thick of things.

And might shoot a pile of interesting content. That, if we’re lucky, we might even turn into some mini series. By the way, if you live in the Urals, and are thinking, where to go on 29th sept to 1st oct, consider this project, I’ll leave a link in the description.

Back to the defence. So, we’re defending. And starting near an entrance. As I’m playing with a grenade launcher and a pistol, I’ll be coordinating the defence. At least, I thought so, but during the game my radio broke, and Lyoha took over.

The plan was: almost the whole group takes 1st and 2nd floors, blocking main entrances. One guy takes a position in the forest, holding a corner, shooting preferably in the back. Strelok takes a position near the transformer, cutting off the approach from the road.

So they don’t run around. Let’s go. – 3…2…1…Start! Lyoha managed to take a vantage spot at once and cut off an offence on the road. Meanwhile, Strelok calmly got to the fortification on the left flank, and is ready to meet guests.

Such a lucky guy. I was looking closely in slow motion. Not a single BB hit him. – The big tent, there’s enemy. – Guys, who were shooting from the 1st floor window. When they run past, you watch the entrance, got it? How copy? Yeah, hold the entrance, when you’re done shooting there, got it? – We are.

– This one, this one. – Oh, this. – Yes. – They haven’t gone here at all. – Maybe they’ve all gone throught the forest. We’re trying to figure out, why there’s no enemy. The reason is simple: Lyoha. – Lyoha, how’s it here? – Okay.

– So, everything’s good here. – The big tent. Minus. – Lyoha, are there targets for the grenade launcher? Huh? – Not yet. – I just picked one off in a tent. – In this one, yeah? – Yeah, I got him. – Evgenich, I think, they’ve all went left, I mean.

.. – Huh, what? Whom? – I think, they’re all on the right, there’s noone here… – There’s Lyoha holding it all right, there’s a fuckload of dead bodies there. So, nobody’s passed here, yeah? – Nah, there’s minus two.

– Careful, Kostyan has probably been taken down! After all, some enemy managed to run past the transformer. And even took out Strelok. – I’m okay. There’s enemy somewhere near the generator, be careful.

– Lyoha, how’s the situation? – It’s okay, Evgenich. Can’t hear you over the radio. Your radio isn’t working again. – I saw him, we got one there… One here…Is that ours? While we were suppressing them, Strelok returned to the former position.

– Grenade, careful. Right side. They’re under a balcony. Meanwhile, enemy has grown at a corner of the building and is lavishing the 1st floor and balconies with grenades. – You alive, or not? On the right side of the building our secret is still in place.

Those, who had tried to pass along the building, have been taken down by Grom. And those, who have passed Lyoha, are met by Strelok. – Two on the road are going towards you. This Darth Proteus has 100 m/s (~ 330 fps) with 0.

2 BBs. Lyoha is just not reaching. – Dead! – These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. – These aren’t the droids we’re looking for. – Thanks. – A really thick-skinned sniper. – Right side, near the building, there’s one enemy.

Not far, about 5 meters away. Come on, I hit you. – Observing 2 enemies running on the road. To the tent. Did you see that? Enemy called his hit, before he got hit. – Lyoha! – Huh? – How’s it by you? – Okay.

– Ask on the radio, how other points are. My radio broke. Did you see that? In fact, he is hit by Strelok. So, if… There’s no enemy here… And there’s… Particularly none of it… They’re all at the building.

And if so… Then I need them to… Guys, one here. You, come here, along the building. You, go inside. Move against the wall. Careful, look under balconies. You killed him, yeah? – I killed one. – Good job! – There’s one more.

– I see. – 1st floor, how’s the situation by you? Enemy managed to knock out our guy on the 1st floor and took me out with a grenade. – Lyoha, 2 are coming at you from below. From the right, Lyoha, they’ve come close to you.

Time is over, we have held. That’s it for now. And you, our respectable viewers, don’t forget to exhibit activity in terms of likes. And comments. All your actions help promote our videos on YouTube. As you know, nothing motivates an author as the views and new subscribers.

I believe in you. See you soon. – Looked like you killed him with the pistol, and he threw the grenade at you… – I didn’t get a chance to pull the pistol, the grenade just flew at me.


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