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Мой Loadout на 2018 год / My Loadout for 2018

Мой Loadout на 2018 год / My Loadout for 2018

Hello everyone, Fox with you and today I want to tell you about the equipment, which i use. I try to model DEVGRU, I try match their image. So let’s start with the belt. The belt I use is a replica of the LBT RIGGRERS belt.

It is very common in DEVGRU, but some use Bianchi. I like LBT more. I use a holster here, this is mine serpa for p226 in tan. I fasten it to my belt with the help of fastening level 3. It allows you to lower the profile and does not interfere with active actions.

Back on my belt, I use a LBT Blow Out replica of the first-aid kits from Ars Arma on aor1. I wear a pair of bandages and peroxide in the games for first aid. I have a lanyard on my left for the entourage.

About the belt. I adhere to the minimum, because I do not want something to bother me. I also do not use the reset and I heard that in one of the interviews one well-known fighter DEVGRU told that overweight on the belt is bad for your activity, Therefore, they do not use a reset and do not load their belt.

Let’s move on to clothes now. My shirt is the original Patagonia l9 Oldgen. Very convenient and comfortable. I use it with rolled up sleeves, it’s much more convenient for me and not so hot, but the hand to cut off the sleeves, did not even rise.

Pants I have a replica of TMC Navy Custom aor1 Combat pants they have a little brighter color, than the original, but I hope that with time they are erased and will be just right. I have built-in knee pads in them from TMC, they are rubberized, comfortable and soft, but they will not protect you as much full knee pads, but they are much more comfortable.

Shoes I use a replica of Lowa Zephyr they have with gore-tex. They are very comfortable, legs do not get tired, do not sweat, do not get wet, in general these shoes are for me really like it. Shoes, I think one of the important elements of equipment, so they are better not to save.

To protect my face, I use neck gaiter, a good army neck. I ordered it on ebay. It is very dense, but of course like a mesh. he will not save you, but with close contact you can lift him up and will not be so scary.

In cold weather, I use the soft shell. It is called Dragon Tooth City Stealth Soft Shell Jacket. He is in color coyote brown. In principle, it retains heat well, does not get wet, everything is beautiful in it, it is very comfortable.

Well, I like him very much. I use patches on the left shoulder of the IR flag in aor1. Stars ahead, as it should, and on the right shoulder of the patch of our team. So it was my turn for my armor vest This is a replica of the TMC LBT 6094k version for mp7 I took exactly the k version since I am planning a small purchase in the form of mp7, I also needed something lighter than NCPC.

This is certainly not the most versatile option, since these pouches we have non-removable. An ordinary LBT 6094 will be much more versatile. than this armor vest, but I did a little smarter. In order to use it before buying the MP7 I put a double pouch on it for the M4 from NCPC Semapo gear.

also one gun her pouch it Crye replica pistol pouch from Ars Arma in aor1 colors here I wear a loader and also from Ars Arma I have a EAGLE 100 chamber in aor1. In it, I carry balls, a spare battery, and some small change.

The patches on the vest I use a replica of the IR flag in aor1 is not very correct, but I like and here is my callsign patch. I attach the ptt button on the strap it does not bother me here and it is very convenient to use here.

As I told you in one of the videos did not think then I didn’t know that I could fall in love with non-corset vest because I thought that they will no longer be as comfortable as corsetry, but in this vest I just fell in love, it is so comfortable and very light compared to other vests, which I use, so this armor is now my favorite.

Backpack I use a replica of EAGLE Beaver Tail from the company Ars Arma in the color aor1, I use on it the red squadron patch, in this backpack you can put anything and a little more, due to the large compartment with a grid.

I use this backpack when I need to deliver the equipment in place, either on big games to carry a hydrator, a soft shell, and what i need on a big game. Now I will tell you which helmet I use. I use the Ops-core Maritime replica from FMA with akvaprint in aor1.

In it, I changed the pillows to more comfortable and comfortable to wear it. Suspension system remained standard, I did not replace it, also i changed velcro, the so-called Devil Maritime velcro. I use a replica of manta strobe from FMA on this helmet, it works just like in IR mode, and in the visible spectrum.

I use it mainly to indicate where I am I also use red v-lite to indicate that I’m dead. This is mainly evening or night time. Also I use on helmet patches. This is my callsigne patch in the team and The replica of the IR flag in aor1, also on the helmet I use mount l4g24 just for the entourage.

I also use a set adapter for attaching headphones from FMA in the correct black color, of course. Everything works fine for me, snaps, snaps, rises, falls, everything is fine, everything works great. I also use glasses.

This is my original ESS ICE with a clear lens, of course for DEVGRU it was possible to buy something and for more expensive like Wiley X, but that’s enough for me, especially since this is the naro version.

This is a smaller version and it is just right for me. The communications I use TRI comtac 3 they are in color coyote brown. Extremely undesirable choice, the sound in them is mediocre, at first everything was fine, but now there are some constant interruptions and I don’t know why this is, maybe I got some kind of marriage.

The button I use is u94 from z-tac. It worked fine, but again there were some interruptions and I cannot understand what was happening, is it something wrong with the button or headphones? Well, the most not a tru element of equipment of course is a walkie-talkie.

My radio is the usual kenwood. I see no reason to take a more expensive walkie-talkie, of course, in my dreams PRC-148 under 10 pins, well, I still have enough of this. Well, now the gloves. Gloves I use blackhawl for two seasons of use, they stopped holding velcro, at the slightest some impact with something, with some kind of subject, she immediately just immediately unfastened, but so far so.

I want to change to Mechanix black. Well, now to the weapons. Secondary I use sig sauer p226r from TM, Of course, the choice is not very good because of the markings, but so far I have not matured to the whale from Prime.

well and the main gun i use HK 416d from East Crane. I really like it, so downed, it is a pleasure to hold her in hands. On this gun, I use a sight, this is my Eotech 551. A little dark lens, also when you wear Chinese protection it becomes very bad to see everything is vague, I want to make to myself out of polycarbonate.

Next we have peq la-5. I use it in the building for fast guidance on the laser, well, when you need to highlight something. The button from it secured to the handle magpul rvg with such rubber bands, I have them duplicated on the main handle.

Stock I use magpul ctr, one of most common in DEVGRU, well, it just looks very good to me really like it. Of course a little backlash, but it does not bother me. Mechanics use as stanagi and magpul, and then, and then backlash, but it is well does not fall out and feeds well.

The silencer i uses this in my Advanced Armament Corp m4 2000. I use a silencer for entourage, when I play in buildings I take it off, to make the gun more compact. The belt I have now is well not tru.

This is magpul, I’m waiting for semapo to have straps in aor1. Also, my mount is temporarily daniel defense. Together with the belt will change to normal. Well, that’s all this whale I finally have in 2018.

In the future, it will be refined and changed, this kit I use mainly since I like him a lot, sometimes I wear multicam when we play forest or on large places, but it happens very rarely. I have it all.

Thank you all for watching, If you have any questions, ask them comments. Good bye 🙂 A bit of humor 🙂 Boots. Boots i use…


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